Prius Pretzel

Stickman is an animated mascot for Ankin Law. ​He is symbolic of anyone hurt at work or in their car. In this case he's in an accident with a truck. This commercial is based on an actual case where a distracted commercial truck driver ​rammed an Uber driver into an expressway retaining wall. Ankin Law sued the trucking company for negligence and was able to compensate the Uber driver and passenger for their physical and emotional injuries.

Slip and Fall

In February, 2021, Chicago had the most snow at one time since the blizzard of 2015. While animation can​ be entertaining, it reminds us of the many ways real people get hurt every day on the job. This commercial is based on the ​case of an​ Ankin Law client injured on un-shoveled steel stairs.

Robbie Sanders

This commercial​ is based on a dual case. One was a Workers' Compensation claim for a worker who fell off of a loading dock while on the job. The second, was filed against the construction company who installed the dock improperly resulting in the failure​ of the cement which gave way under the worker's​ feet.

What A Pill

In this commercial stickman is trying hard to avoid dangers when he is handed the wrong medication by a distracted pharmacist.


At Ankin Law, we try to do our civic duty. In 2020 we cheered on motorists and pedestrians to "keep it up" by wearing masks. We also sponsored a mandatory "Masks Required" sign on busses​ and trains.