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Eric Revels

Eric Revels, Marketing Director

An online CV may be informative but it only provides a career snapshot. I could tell you about how I worked for multi-national advertising agencies for 20 years and launched new branding and product campaigns for companies like Dell, Motorola, Subway, and Oscar Meyer. Or how I started up a boutique agency on the heels of the 2009 recession and, despite the timing, successfully launched a new product and branding campaigns for Snapcount software, Lurie Children's Hospital, First Eagle Bank and 4-Knines pet products.

But this is only part of my story.

In 2018 I was hired by my client, Ankin Law, a personal injury law firm in Chicago, to be the Director of Marketing responsible for a $3MM budget. Imagine a personal injury lawyer and you might picture a guy in bad suit shouting on the television. By contrast, I developed a branding campaign that utilizes an appealing animated character, Stickman, who symbolizes anyone hurt in an accident. He shifts the focus away from the shouting lawyer onto the people the lawyer helps.

In 2020, I helped pivot the firm’s message during Covid to celebrate essential workers. These commercials showcase the many frontline workers who kept Chicago moving during the pandemic and were produced entirely in-house.

These last three years have opened my eyes to the positive impact the personal injury legal industry has on people who, otherwise, would not have a voice. What I didn’t expect was that the experience would become a catalyst for the next phase in my career.

I’ve realized it’s time to take my expertise at communication and persuasion and marry that to my passion for making a positive change. I make my living crafting strategies and stories that encourage people to think something, feel something, or do something. From brand development to creative expression, encompassing media and tactical planning, managing teams and garnering support, I understand what it means to position, design, and execute a plan that moves hearts and minds to act.

As James Lipton of The Actors Studio used to ask every guest “What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?” My answer? Building a brand for good.

A Firm Foundation

• Brand Development

• Naming and Identity

• Internal Marketing

• Team Building

• Storytelling

• Ideation

• Broadcast

• Email Marketing

• Drip Marketing

• Social Media Management

• Photography

• Video Direction

• Video Editing

• Logo Design

• Email Newsletter

• Web Design

• Graphic Standards

• Copywriting

• Art Direction

• Interviews for written or video content

• Adobe Creative Suite: PS, ID, IA, PR, BR, ST

• MS Word, Excel and Power Point

Work the Matters


Director of Marketing, Ankin Law
2018 - Present

I was hired to differentiate the Ankin Law brand, increase awareness, leads and call volume.

Call inquiries increased in the evening hours significantly in 2021. Ankin Law sponsored the 7-Day Weather Forecast on WGN. at 8 and 9P. Weather-related Stickman commercials were broadcast alongside “Let’s keep it up” public service mask-wearing announcements. A greater percentage of the overall budget was devoted to OTT or streaming video over the Internet so our message could be viewed on broadcast TV, smart phone, tablet or connected TV. The message resonated and new case inquiries increased by 20% Q1 to Q2.

Implemented a “Howard Ankin is everywhere” strategy layering broadcast TV with targeted cable, streaming online video, outdoor and transit. Sports programming included commercials with athletes such as Javier Baez, Willson Contreras, Alex DaBrincat and Lauri Markkenan. Some athletes have appeared in a video series Chicagoans You Should Know in the firm’s online newsletter.

Managed a team who posted on behalf of Ankin Law on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social media platforms and added Ankin Law to Instagram and managed a monthly newsletter.

Increased 5-Star Google Reviews from 165 in January 2018 to 597 in January 2021. I made a point to speak to as many clients as possible at the end of the process to learn about what they​ liked or didn't like about the firm and responded to both positive and negative reviews daily.

Pivoted in 2020 to directing and producing commercials in the COVID-19 era. Developed a campaign for the brand based on protecting workers rights and safety. A series of commercials and online videos were produced entirely in-house. Proposed and executed a commercial containing a QR code which offered ​“Free Ankin Law masks.”

Ankin Law StickmanAnkin Law Stickman
Brand Message
  Brand Message
Social Media
  Social Media
Internal Marketing
  Internal Marketing
Out of Home
  Out of Home
Advertising During a Pandemic
  Advertising During a Pandemic
Client Feedback
  Client Feedback

Owner and Creative Director, ERC Co.
2010 -2018

Eric Revels Creative Co. (ERC), was launched in 2010. ERC, a boutique advertising agency, focused on small to mid-sized businesses. Our goal was to create and deliver powerful, emotional, messages from concept to launch spanning all platforms. Our sweet spot was brand storytelling. 

In 2015, ERC trademarked Business to Human or B2H. We noticed that emotional storytelling was not being leveraged in the B2B space. To us, if you want to make an impact on people, it doesn’t matter if your business serves other businesses or targets consumers, at the end of the day a human being is going to make the decision. Tapping emotion can make a lasting impact. B2H became a part of the ERC brand.

ERC branded new products and services for ANCO Steel, Snapcount Software, UGN, 4Knine Pet Products, First Eagle Bank, and Ankin Law. ERC also donated time to help Temple Sholom of Chicago with website, video, and social media services to promote their news, events, and programs.

“It doesn’t matter if your business serves other businesses or targets consumers, at the end of the day a human being is going to make a decision on what to buy or sell.”

- Eric Revels

ERC Creative


Since 2010, ERC has donated time and resources to develop and execute websites, landing pages, video and printed materials for Temple Sholom of Chicago. Highlights include being a member of the visioning committee to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the temple. Examples include the temple’s graphic identity, a museum-quality 50’ historical timeline, and a video retrospective played at a gala fundraiser in 2017.
Temple Sholom

“Eric is an extraordinarily talented and innovative Creative Director. We worked together on re-branding Temple Sholom, including print and webdesign overhauls with measurable results.”

- Boni Fine, Executive Director, Anshe Emet Synagogue

  Happy Birthday Temple Sholom

  The Expanding Temple

ERC was brought on to help tell the UGN brand story. UGN specializes​ in manufacturing sound dampening products that reduce road and engine noise in cars and trucks. Based in Chicago, UGN has six plants in the US and one in Mexico. ERC directed and produced the company "About us" video along with a number of employee spotlight stories to bring more spirit and optimism to this tight-knit team. The website, common graphic and communications standards, spotlight, and annual meeting videos, have helped retain staff, support company growth and attract new employee inquiries.

“Working with Eric and the ERC team is a pleasure every time. His professionalism and integrity are first-rate and his team has never failed to come through in a pinch. I’d hire him again and again because I already have, again, and again.”

- Jon Schickedanz, CEO, The Alliance Labs

  UGN Our Story

  Employee Spotlight


ERC was hired to launch a new software brand in the commercial lighting space. This assignment included product naming, graphic identity, message creation, website development, video production and trade-show materials. And it all had to be completed in 120 days for a major industry trade show. The results? Five orders were signed on the spot at the trade show. Afterward, product demo requests and orders far exceeded expectations. Snapcount was officially on the “map.”
snapcountsnapcount direct mail
Direct Mail: Postcard

  Holiday Email Video

“Eric is a master of the marketing communication process with a keen sense of what’s relevant and more importantly, what gets results. His artistic eye and extensive attention to detail helped ensure our message got noticed and hit home. I enthusiastically recommend ERC for any marketing requirement.”

- Jeff Seifert, CEO, Streamlinx

snapcount demonstration
Product Demonstration: Tradeshow

  Tradeshow Loop Video

  How It Works Video

Documentary Short Film
Hyde Park Day School “On Campus”

Four college sophomores talk about how their learning disabilities have actually made them stronger in life. All four were students in the inaugural class at Hyde Park Day School, an elementary school focused on helping students learn differently and advocate for themselves in the world.

  HPDS “On Campus”

Even more experience:
JWT, Publicis & Hal Riney, DMB&B and Rhea & Kaiser

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